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Huffinton Post ‘Vanity Fair’ interview

Huffington Post has released a very interesting new interview with Charlie. In it, Charlie speaks of getting the role of George Osborne in ‘Vanity Fair’ and filming the series. Be sure to check the whole interview out at the link above and read some bits below.

Charlie was working in Canada in June last year when he got the call for the audition. After heading back to the UK for the initial 15-minute meeting with bosses, his call-back was throughly modern – if not a little flawed.

“I went back to Canada and continued working on my job and got a message from the director asking to Skype and talk through the scene again,” he says. “We spoke, but there was no signal and we both kept freezing – it was terrible!

“In the end I had to send him an email with a recording of me doing the scenes with the notes he’d given me, and a week later I got the part.”

Having begun filming in August, the cast and crew didn’t actually wrap until January. Luckily though, there were some breaks in the schedule for those characters, like Charlie’s, who didn’t feature as heavily.

“I had two weeks every now-and-then off,” he reveals. “Olivia Cooke and Tome Bateman [who play Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley] though, they were in all the time. They must have been completely knackered.”

“If you’re shooting there all day, you’re picked up about 5.30am, get there at 6am and go straight into hair and make-up where you get a cup of coffee and and a bacon roll,” Charlie explains.

“I’d sit and chat to Vicky, my make-up artist, and go over my lines before going to rehearse that day’s scenes with the other actors and the director for about 30 minutes. Then when everyone is ready to see it, we bring the crew in, who start lighting it and positioning the cameras, and that’s when we get changed. The women have corsets, and everything takes longer for them, and they have to get there earlier too.”

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‘Vanity Fair’ gallery update + interview

Since ‘Vanity Fair’ is going to premiere on ITV this Sunday (and the second episode will air on Monday), there’s a lot of promotion going on for it. Charlie gave an interview for BradfordZone which you can read at the link with a few highlights posted below. I have also updated the gallery with new stills, behinf the scenes and promotional images, so be sure to check them out!

Q: What was your reaction when you heard you had got the role?

“It was exciting to be playing someone who, at least on paper, reads as a pain in the backside. Something I hadn’t really done before. The opportunity to work in the UK and with such brilliant English actors was also hugely appealing.”

Q: Had you read the book?

“I hadn’t read the book. I knew about Vanity Fair as I studied English at A-level – so I knew of Thackeray but I’d never actually dived into the book. I also knew there had been previous film and TV adaptations. “Obviously when I got the job the first thing I did was buy the book. I read it over the next couple of months and loved it, laughed out loud and got a copy for my dad and my mum. But I stayed well away from the 2004 film and the 1998 BBC adaptation. “I didn’t want to see other people’s interpretations of George. In a way he’s a bit of a villain in the story, but it was my goal to change that. I wanted George to want to do the good thing. I hope we don’t hate George completely and realise he just doesn’t understand anything else.”

Q: Are you wary of the negative aspects to both fame and social media?

“I’ve got a lot of good people around me who won’t let me get an inch from the ground. A lot of good friends from home who just constantly take the mickey out of me, which is very helpful. And a mother and father who are constantly making sure that I am who I am. “I grew up with social media. I was working when I was 14 and I was on social media then. In a way it has helped because I feel like I’ve grown out of that phase now. I don’t really spend too much time on social media anymore as I know it can become unhealthy. But you have to accept the fact that it is a different world, and for what I do, it can be extremely useful. So I need to know why it’s useful and why it’s not.”

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‘Vanity Fair’ release date

According to Business Insider, ‘Canity Fair’ will start airing on Monday, 3rd of September. So not much longer to wait now. I also added caps from the most recent episode of ‘Salvation’ to the gallery a few days ago, but for some reason, WordPress didn’t let me post about it twice. So just click the link here to see them.