The Winslow Boy


Play | 2h 50mins | March 8 – May 25 2013
When fourteen year old Ronnie Winslow is sent home from naval college accused of stealing a postal order, his father, Arthur Winslow, determines to prove his son’s innocence. Appointing the renowned barrister Sir Robert Morton , Arthur begins a courageous fight to clear his son’s name.


Type: Play
Theatre: The Old Vic
Role: Ronnie Winslow
Co-Stars: Henry Goodman, Naomi Frederick, Deborah Findlay, Peter Sullivan
First Show: 8 March 2013
Opening Night 19 March 2013
Closing Night: 25 May 2013
Producer: The Old Vic
Playwright: Terence Rattigan
Director: Lindsay Posner
Set Design: Peter McKintosh
Lighting Design: Tim Mitchell
Sound Design: Fergus O’Hare
Duration: 2h 50mins

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