Jackanory – 2006

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U | 42 min | Family, Fantasy | 27 November 2006 (UK)
Narrated by John Sessions. Where would you find three moons, a floating lake and a perfumed bog that’s filled with pink stinky hogs and exploding gas frogs? Welcome to Muddle Earth where the great warrior-hero, Joe the Barbarian, who is actually Joe Jefferson from normal Earth, prepares to do battle.
Charlie was a guest star in episode “Muddle Earth”.


Episode: “Muddle Earth”
Rated: U
Genre(s) Family, Fantasy
Role: Joe Jefferson
Co-Stars: John Sessions
Created By: Joy Whitby
Director: Nick Willing
Producer(s): Nick Willing
Writer(s): Paul Stewart (story)
Release Dates: 27 November 2006
Production Company(ies): BBC
Distributor(s): BBC
Channel: CBBC
Filming Location(s): England

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