Robin Hood

Role: Young Robin Hood

Director: Roger Goldby

Release date: June 6, 2009

Running time: 45 minutes

Co-stars: Jonas Armstrong, Richard Armitage, Tommy Bastow


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Just as Robin and Guy are about to have a sword fight in the woods, they are both darted unconscious. When they awaken, they are bound and met by a hooded stranger who proceeds to tell them the real story behind how their parents died. In doing so, he also reveals a tie that binds them forever.

Guy’s father, Roger, had been declared dead after he had gone to the Holy Land to fight; the local bailiff states that though his estates now belong to Ghislaine, Guy’s mother, Robin’s father Malcolm Locksley has a right to claim them. However, Malcolm refuses to do so and honors the memory of Roger instead.

It is revealed that Malcolm had begun an affair with Ghislaine. Robin and Guy, who are still children at this age, are revealed to be sort of friendly rivals. Robin tries to show off by shooting at a lantern, which sparks a chain of events that almost kills a man.

Robin denies shooting the arrow and the blame falls on Guy, who was standing there holding a bow. Just as he is about to be hanged at the bailiff’s orders, his father shows back up. He gets into a fight with the bailiff in which his hand (which is wrapped in rags) is stabbed, but he does not even flinch. It is later revealed that this is a symptom of Roger’s leprosy. His father later lectures Robin, telling him to accept responsibility for his actions, and that his dead mother is watching them – an event that may have shaped Robin’s personality quite a bit.

Malcolm and Ghislaine sneak off in the middle of the night, but the bailiff follows them and discovers Ghislaine is pregant with the Locksley man’s child, and that Roger is a leper. Later, the two lovers discuss the matter of Roger’s leprosy; Malcolm suggests she could declare herself a widow, so that she won’t be banished.

She returns back home, and Roger figures out she is having an affair, however, he stoically accepts this. At any rate, the bailiff comes to take Roger and exile him. After some tearful deliberation, Ghislaine declares herself a widow. Guy is devastated; later Robin taunts him about his father’s condition which leads to a brawl. Afterwards, the bailiff blackmails Ghislaine, demanding she give him her estates, unless she wants him to broadcast news of Ghislaine’s illicit pregnancy.

Malcolm and Ghislaine figure out that they could marry each other first and then reveal the child to try and outwit the bailiff.

The child is born soon; he is named Archer, after the roughly arrow-shaped birthmark on him. Ghislaine occasionally goes out to care for Roger, and Guy sees her do this. Guy argues with her mother, then visits his father as well, telling him Malcolm and Ghislaine are going to marry, and telling him to stop this, but he refuses.

Nonetheless, Roger tries to sneak back to talk to Ghislaine and is spotted by the young Robin, who is out practicing. He snitches on Roger to the bailiff, who assembles a mob to get Roger. Malcolm enters first, followed by Guy, who threatens Malcolm with a torch, accidentally causing a fire in the process.

Malcolm goes upstairs, discovering the elder Gisborne together with Ghislaine. He warns them to escape, but Roger decides no longer to take how Malcolm is “stealing his wife” and the two of them draw their swords to fight despite Ghislaine’s pleas. Malcolm knocks down Ghislaine and she hits her head, dying. Roger moves to strike down a grieving Malcolm, but decides not to, and orders the elder Locksley to save himself while he stays behind. Malcolm runs away, sustaining a burn injury on his face as he does so, and secretly escapes the village; everyone believes he is dead.

The bailiff tries to claim the land for himself, but one of his helpers, a priest, tells him that the land belongs to the Locksley estate now, which means it is Robin’s. The bailiff says Robin can’t manage his lands at his age and needs him. Robin, overwhelmed, runs away as the bailiff begins collecting taxes and being all-around evil, but returns soon with his bow, threatening the bailiff with it, who is humiliated and forced to escape. The priest agrees to help him until he is of age.

The stranger reveals himself to be Malcolm, showing Robin and Guy his burn scars. He tells them he has managed to track down Archer, who is now held in York, in prison. Then he knocks Robin and Guy out again; they wake up soon and agree to team up and go to York to rescue their long-lost brother.

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