Charlie Rowe Fan

The Forgotten C – 2020


N/A | 15 minutes | Short, Drama | 2010
The pandemic crawls on and Aisha shelters in her flat. Doorstep visits from friends and family mark the passing weeks as Aisha struggles with how to tell them what’s happening to her.


Rated: N/A
Genre(s) Short, Drama
Role: Jaime
Co-Stars: Mandeep Dhillon, Ronke Adekoluejo, Anil Goutam, Ruchika Jain
Director: olly Manning Walker
Producer(s): Jessi Gutch
Writer(s): Jessi Gutch, Molly Manning Walker
Release Dates: 2020
Production Company(ies): Fig Films
Distributor(s): The Uncertain Kingdom
Filming Location(s): London, England, UK

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