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‘Vanity Fair’ release date

According to Business Insider, ‘Canity Fair’ will start airing on Monday, 3rd of September. So not much longer to wait now. I also added caps from the most recent episode of ‘Salvation’ to the gallery a few days ago, but for some reason, WordPress didn’t let me post about it twice. So just click the link here to see them.

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‘Salvation’ episode 8 stills + ‘Vanity Fair’ promo

The gallery has been updated with stills from episode 8 of ‘Salvation’ – ‘Abre Sus Ojos’. Don’t forget to tune in to CBS tomorrow night. There’s also another new promotional image from ‘Vanity Fair’ featuring Charlie and you can check that out in the gallery as well.

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Charlie cast in ‘Vanity Fair’

There’s finally news of a new project for Charlie. According to BBC America and Deadline, he has been cast as George Osborne in the new ‘Vanity Fair’ miniseries debuting next year on ITV in the UK and Amazon Prime in the US.

Shooting has begun on ITV and Amazon Studios’ new adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s classic 1848 novel Vanity Fair. The seven-part drama stars Olivia Cooke as Becky Sharp and Tom Bateman (Murder On The Orient Express) as Captain Rawdon Crawley.


Charlie Rowe (Salvation) [has been cast as] as Amelia’s betrothed George Osborne.

BBC America