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‘Vanity Fair’ coming to Amazon Prime on December 21

According to, ‘Vanity Fair’ will be available on Amazon Prime video starting December 21. So if you’re in America and haven’t seen it, mark your calendars.

Amazon Studios has announced that Vanity Fair, the television adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s classic novel, will premiere on Friday, December 21, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the US. The seven-episode drama series stars actress Olivia Cooke (Ready Player One). Check out the key art for the series in the gallery below!

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Huffinton Post ‘Vanity Fair’ interview

Huffington Post has released a very interesting new interview with Charlie. In it, Charlie speaks of getting the role of George Osborne in ‘Vanity Fair’ and filming the series. Be sure to check the whole interview out at the link above and read some bits below.

Charlie was working in Canada in June last year when he got the call for the audition. After heading back to the UK for the initial 15-minute meeting with bosses, his call-back was throughly modern – if not a little flawed.

“I went back to Canada and continued working on my job and got a message from the director asking to Skype and talk through the scene again,” he says. “We spoke, but there was no signal and we both kept freezing – it was terrible!

“In the end I had to send him an email with a recording of me doing the scenes with the notes he’d given me, and a week later I got the part.”

Having begun filming in August, the cast and crew didn’t actually wrap until January. Luckily though, there were some breaks in the schedule for those characters, like Charlie’s, who didn’t feature as heavily.

“I had two weeks every now-and-then off,” he reveals. “Olivia Cooke and Tome Bateman [who play Becky Sharp and Rawdon Crawley] though, they were in all the time. They must have been completely knackered.”

“If you’re shooting there all day, you’re picked up about 5.30am, get there at 6am and go straight into hair and make-up where you get a cup of coffee and and a bacon roll,” Charlie explains.

“I’d sit and chat to Vicky, my make-up artist, and go over my lines before going to rehearse that day’s scenes with the other actors and the director for about 30 minutes. Then when everyone is ready to see it, we bring the crew in, who start lighting it and positioning the cameras, and that’s when we get changed. The women have corsets, and everything takes longer for them, and they have to get there earlier too.”