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More info on ‘Evolution’

Deadline has now officially reported about Charlie’s involvement in ‘Evolution’ and has provided some more detailed information about the plot of the movie. Read more at the link and a brief summary below.

Inspired by a true story, a young man with a bright future suffers a near fatal accident and recreates his new life with the help of an unlikely animal friend. An accident on the lake leaves Nate a quadriplegic, with little hope for his future. His resilient mother Claire puts her art career on hold and even risking her marriage to protect her son’s future. She discovers that the only thing that can make a profound difference in her son’s progress is providing him with an unlikely animal friend that helps the youth realize his life is still very much worth living.

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New project – ‘Evolution’

According to Charlie’s official ARG Talent page, the previously mentioned new project is called ‘Evolution’ and it’s directed by Nick Hamm. Here is its official website. It’s described as “a coming-of-age story about an artist and mother of two who must find a way forward after her teenage son’s life is forever altered by a freak accident.”

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Welcome back!

Welcome back! We had some hosting troubles, but they’re all solved now. Sadly that means the site has to be built up again, but we’re working on it. So check back soon!